Welcome to MIA & SONS



Mia & Sons Traders are consistent and dependable supplier of good quality fresh vegetable and Fruits produce to the most demanding Markets. Mia & Sons Traders works with growers spread across the cities in Sri Lanka.


The main objective of the Company is to serve our customers at a level that meets or exceeds their expectations. We operate our business in a manner that our customers would like, based on their needs and desires with respect to providing SAFE products of premium quality in commercially adequate quantities.


The company was incorporated 2 years ago and consistently growing in the field due good relation, neat working style.


The company is promoted by Mr. Mazhar. He is one of founder member of this Company, working as a network engineer in Qatar and Managing director of the Company since inception. He now has more than 2 years of experience in this trade. And his brother Mr. Mazeel is handling all the trades now a days.


Mia & Sons Traders is engaged in the business of deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to leading veg markets and suppliers in part of our district as well as outside the cities. The company is dealing in fresh fruits like guavas, papayas and mangoes. We will keep fresh vegetable as it is till deliver it to the customer.


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